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  • 12.12.2016 13:21

    We are looking inspiration for enclosure of stage - foldable

    In the garden near castle we need cover the stage about diameter 16 m.  Drawing in pdf download This enclosure has to be foldable. Similar principal as following picture. But we need something larger with possibility foldable.   Foldable solution is requirement of Historical...

  • 25.07.2016 19:31

    Survey about using of showers at the private pools

    Can you help me with this survey? If yes, please vote and share. I would like to compare results from Czech republic and global results.  Are you from Czech Republic? Vote please in Czech survey here. Thank you and have a nice day Jan

  • 11.07.2016 12:36

    I am seeking a supplier to Czech Republic

    I have several customers with interest about these pool enclosure. They have no place behind the pool. Can you help me with deliver to Czech Republic? Thanks for your help. Jan

  • 02.04.2016 19:54

    Do you have solving for this pool?

    There are some photos to my discussion on LinkedIn . I communicate with customer about his pool complex and he wants to cover the pool on photo each evening. I don´t have enough knowledges for this large and shape of the pool.  Dimension you can download here. Are you able solve his problem?...

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